Friday, October 28, 2005 last, here comes the friday.. what a exhausted week.. 4 test in a week..adoilaa.. want to go back home d want to 'qada' all my sleeping time in here..

this portfolio ar..aiyaa..really make me sick ar.. 30 pages of essay and article really make my week empty without nice2 sleep.. arghh..i almost forget, tonight i got another test.. =( really dont have a mood to read that long2 note..bukannye masuk pun kalu baca time2 ni..hehe. the happiest part is, after the test.. balik kampung~~ooo balik kampung~~...

arr.. i think this is my last blogging before raya (really hope there is still inernet connection at my home).. soo..i want to take this opportunity to wish selamat hari raya.. maaf ye kalau ada tersalah silap, halalkan makan minum..

to denise, jgn sedey2 ye beraya kat tmpt pe raya kat aus tu..teringin gak aku nak beraya kat oversea ni..hehe..

okla.. ni nak memaksa diri baca notes gak ni..waaa~~


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