Tuesday, April 25, 2006

smile.. satisfaction.. so sweet.. tak tau camne nak diungkapkan lagi apa yg aku rasa mlm lepas dinner Ucity(Civil Eng club) tu. first and for most aku peri dan balik dinner tu dengan sangat happynye.accompany by Gadis, that night is one of the most memorable night i've ever had. so much fun, so much laugh, so much food (and dont forget, i won the BINGGO game..hehe) but the climaks of my happines is when Gadis see what I and Erin (also credit to Asma, Shiro and for most my lovely romate..huhu..acappp) had done tho gadis table.. a surprise for Gadis...

really2 thanks to erin.."wakenabeb" kite menjadi... bukan nilai hadiah yg aku nak banggakan, bukan effort surprise yang aku nak hebah2kan tapi satu je..satu je yg sangat2 aku harapkan.. senyuman dia...


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