Tuesday, April 11, 2006

haih.. alot happend during this 2 days period..lot enough to hurt me..lots enough to make me smile..lots enough to make me grow up..when u love some one very much, make sure u are ready enough. ready to being hurt and ready to being in heaven..hehe.. dont take it for granted.. this is what we call life.. what makes the life is more sweet is the way u handle the sour one..
maybe i'm being to soft my my life..i admit it. i have a sindrom dat afraid on taing risk. i'm glad there are someone dat sudi accompany me to handle it. hopefully u'll stay beside me to take my hand and guide me. am i a week and 'bacul'? its up to all of u to judge me. me n my self only know how hard to drag myself in this moment.flip flop on motivation..confusing what am i needed right now..
thanks again.. thanks to 'S' bukan nama sebenar..:D yg tolong sekolah kan aku..u help me alot..seyesly..
n to "Gadis" .. u really meant sumthing for me...thank u..

still finding what this pic related wif my post...muahaha..Gadis ingt dia sorng pndi edit pic..laalaa~~:P


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