Friday, February 24, 2006

and comes the weekend...yeaa.. no need to wakeup early in the morning.. no need to go to class..tido smpi muntahh~~ hehe..

but somehow, my weekend will not be the same as usual...hopefully la..something suddenly happend in my life and it makes me happy..yuu huuu~~

of course everybody want theirself to be apreciate kan? so do i.. appreciation is the most dificult things to get..for me la.. tak tau la org lain camne.. i'm tired to be a 'terhegeh2' person that begging for others appreciation.. enuff!! tu yg bile suddenly when i know someone had really appriciate the existing of me teruja trus tu..haha..thanks ye... laalaala~~:P

thats the good news laa..noe the bad news mood plak..

aku dah potong rambutt~~~:( penat membela almost one and a half semester..tupun after kene saman..demm~ but still nak sedapkan hati.. "rambut baru untuk praktikal~~~" muahaha

and other things.. adake.. klas stell khamis ari tu aku kene sound..siap kene halau lg~~huu sedey2..
act memang my fault pun..dunno la..thath day really noot in a mood for 'local buckling', 'initial load', 'load transfered', blaa..bla... 2 hours class lak tu..then i memain ar hp jat...huhu.. suddenly.."hey you.. please leave my class.. please go other place if u want to play wif ur hp"..haha..pikir2 klaka la plak..sorry ye dr walid.. lps ni i tak buat lggg~~promiseee :_(

ermm to 'makeup' for UCITY meeting..
adoilaa malas nye nak gi meeting panas2 bute ni..daaa~~

oh ye..sunday games, wish me luck ye..:)


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