Thursday, July 14, 2005

waaa..buhsannye...another wasted day in my hole life...tak tau nak buat apa sebenarnye ni..nak kuar.. nak kuar takde member plak..ada klas plak si atoy ni..time2 ni le ko ada klas aku dah mati kutu le ni..tak tau nak buat apa..
If i was standing on a chair with a rope around my neck, would you make an effort to catch me before i fell? If i was slitting my wrists and blood was everywhere, would you clean it up and make an effort to help me get through my tough times? If I had a loaded gun held up to my head and you were the only one to not make me pull the trigger, would you speak a single loving word to me? If I was only seconds away from throwing myself off a bridge, would you hold me back? someone out there will?


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