Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's been a while I'm not updating this blog. Busy? Not really..maybe not in a mood to be blogging. My final exam is just around the corner. Next week is my study week. And my first paper will be on 15th.. Seriously I'm not ready for dat. I'm such a lost. Lost to no where. I myself don't know why? Lately I'm like don't really know my self.why I'm doing this, why I'm doing dat, why I'm going here and there, why I'm thinking this and that.. Everything going not right. Why all of this happen? Like I mention earlier.. I DON'T KNOW…

Maybe this is what we called life. So many things to think, so many think to I realize how complicated life is. For those out there which think life is easier, my advice, think twice. It's bullshit if I said life is wonderful, more bullshit if u think life is fair. Life is not like what u think. Sometimes it treat u as 'his' best friends..give u all that u want, give u all the happiness that u dream of. Until u forget. Forget that all of that is not really for u. become worst when u forget from "whom" u get dat happiness. Don't blame anyone if one day all the happiness that u have, all your sweet2 dream suddenly gone. Just like dat. Blame ur self. Blame urself for not treat life like it should be. bla..bla..bla.. hehe..

So many things to said, so many words to type on, so many feelings to show off. But I don't know, should I nor should not do all that. There is sometimes when my brains become 'mereng' and obviously it will make look stupid, childish and nonsense. I'm afraid.. demm.. don't know what I'm afraid of…-sigh-

Are u dare to let u happiness dragging by others? Are u willing to let other happy but not u? such an honor if u can do that aite?
Do good things and good things happen, do bad things and bad things happen..its a karma(a words from "My name is Earl" series..hehe..)

Apa pun yang jadi, aku harap aku kuat. Kuat tuk hadapi segalanya.. tak ada apa yang dapat aku buat tuk mengubah sesuatu yg pastinye bukan milik aku. Aku dah serahkan segalanya. Aku harap ianya berbaloi. Tiada apa lagi yang tinggal tuk aku kongsikan dengan orang lain. Kalau ditanya, 'sanggup ke aku menghadapinya?' for sure aku akan menggelengkan kepala. Sayang ni tak dapat nak di buang dah But that's life… satu je.. aku harap aku takkan hilang apa yang aku ada sekarang ni.. "Ya Allah… tolonglah..berikan kekuatan tuk aku hadapinye…"

Thanks for those yang understand and willing to seat and hear my story... :)


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