Thursday, July 14, 2005

have u ever missed sum1? Have u ever missed someone and feltterrible because u think tat he/she doesn't miss u?Missing someone is a terrible but at the same time,sweet feeling.U will be sitting around wondering if u meant anything to him/her.Thinking if he/she ever cares about u.Rushing to the phone once it rings hoping that it's him/her.Looking out of the window hoping that he/she will surprise u by appearing downstairs.Sitting in front of the television but thinking of her missing the final episode of your favourite show.Laying on your bed, thinking of the last time u wen out together.Thinking of how nice it will be to sit under the stars again, talking about everything, your dreams,plans, future.Logging on to the internet hoping to see him/her online.When u realise that he/she isn't online and did not return your page, u will start worrying if he/she is okay.Missing someone is a way of growing up i guess.It exposes u to loneliness.It teaches u how to cope with being lonely and let u know that there is actually a feeling known as emptiness.Sometimes it feels good to miss someone.U know that u really care and u indulgein thefeeling of loving/caring for him/her.But missing someone and not knowing if he/she is feeling the same is terrible.U feel as if u are being left alone.So if u miss someone, tell him/her and let them know.At the same time, ask if they miss u.Don't let the feeling of missing someone become jealousy or paranoid.If u are the one being missed and u know it, let the other party know.if u miss him/her too, tell them.Don't let them wait..
haha..jiwang u see my 'jiwang' side..honestly laa at this time i'm 'missing' somebody..tak tau la kan kalau dia tak 'miss' kat aku plak..tak kisah lah..back to my old secondary school, my ustaz had said that " kalau kau suke kat sorang2 tu..ko jgn cakap kat dia..jgn bgtau sesape pun.ko layan aje syok sorang2..." i don't think everybody will agree with this right..but somehow..i've tried jugak sebenarnye..haha btull. tak caya korang try.. doesn't mean that korang di kategorikan org yg syok best je..haha
but honestly la..trus terang is still the best solution..let the other party how u feel..rasapuas lps buat confession tu best oo..tak kisah la the other one tu nak terima ke tak least kite jujur ngan diri kita.. -haha..ko cakap pandai ar panjang...buat takde..- :p
aiii..waiting is the the best killing mechine...but still..i will wait as long as i can..haha..-caiyok!!..caiyokk!!- coz thats the only thing i can do..


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