Friday, September 02, 2005

what a tired week..-sigh-.. dunno la what makes me feel so tired..maybe my biological clock kot..tido tak menentu ar skang ni..a bunch of assignment with a litle touch..malas gle nak there any medicine that can get rid of my lazy sindroms?

agak letih la nak berleter about this issue..i'm tired of UTP network.demn so slow..segan with somebody yg selalu tanya.'network utp ni memang slow erk..lag gile nak chat ngan budak UTP..'*wink*hehe..btol la..seyes lag gle.sorry ye sesapa yang berkaitan tu.try to surfing using UTP network?here is some advice. make sure u have enough patience, and keep in mind to smile while keep clicking on refresh button..and make sure there are no hard things such as hammer near ur monitor. :)

nothing much happen this good news.i got my place to MASUM 2005.yea...hehe. it will be start next week .going to UUM for our first game.against USM.quite tough la USM ni.arghh..belum cuba belum tau ek..quite hard to compete for the first team actually.but i'll try my best la.

kalau sesiapa yang penah masuk blog ni dulu -tak ramai pun :P- maybe u see something different ek..hehe first skin's change..thanks to my sifu.SABRINA.hehe..tq2 sebab sudi ajar aku yg bute it sab, is not like a bed full of roses, but our lifes is just like a spinning wheel-somebody tought me we are very deep down at the bottom.who knows,tomorrow..maybe it will be ur day.sorry la if i cant really help u.i understand ur feeling.but seriesly,slowly try to get rid of it. i know u can.ko kan tough..hehe

next week will be my porak peranda week..:P.with two test on the same day, one big presentation, UCITY's proposal,training lagi..-get ready la panjang...hehe- alaa..dah 4rd year dah pun..takkan bende2 ni pun takleh handle ek..:P -statement yg poyo gak la -

actually this week i'm more into 'lonely' mode.yela..acap selasa lagi dah balik umah..tinggal aku sensorang dalam bilik ni..bosan dowh..takde member nak karaoke..~~Mari menyusun..serojaa..bunga serojaa~~

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it!"


Blogger denise said...

errr? aku ke yg ckp psal network utp?? sorry ek! =)

6:22 AM  
Blogger sabrina said...

waahhh....aku sifu ko ek?hehe..i'll take that as a compliment.tq2.but i guess,i just wanna thank you for ur time aritu.later that night i had a major breakdown.arini sumer org yg jumpa aku dr pg sampai mlm sumer tego cos i look like shit.muka bengkak,mata bengkak sumer.but i guess,something like that isn't worth keeping.therefore,i'm letting it go.thanks for being there for me k.i really appreciate that.

11:21 PM  

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