Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If I die tonight
What would I do
On my last day
I know I'd wake early
In the morn' for crack
Of dawn's last pray
Get on the phone
And holla' at everybody
Gots to have lunch
With the family
Then spend the last day
I don't know
Try do a million other things
Hoping somehow
Time will slow
I guess what
I'm trying to say is
Take everyday
Like it was your last
Work towards your dreams
Before you pass
And have a blast
While you at it
'Cause we don't know
When we go go
So make the best of it
Just keep it real to yourself
And to all people
If y'all lost somebody before
Remember there'll be a sequel

If I die tonight
You know it'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories
Well if I die tonight
I wonder
Where I'll be tomorrow
Nobody cry please
Push away the sorrow
'Cause I ain't been
The best of men
The best of friends

sorry 4 all my fault..


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