Sunday, August 21, 2005

its been a while that my village is totally lost with outsiders.. network 'weng'..mirc pun "No Route to Houst" aje manjang..lucky la ada convo fair..lucky ke?..convo fair pun bored semacam je..i berani bett la..if u all go to the 'tapak' convo for only 5 minutes..u guys will say these phrases "nak gi mana lagi ni?"..."loh..takkan nak pusing sekali lagi..?"nothing much to see la actually..but i still give credits to all the "semangat" the organizer..kire ok la convo fair kali ni.

baru je mlm tadi jamal abdillah buat show..-one of my what sore dia..- agak bored gak le pada mulenye..coz he sing the song that all of us tak penah dgr..promote album baru kot ..but the end 2 songs was so happening..there is one mamat goes up to the stage and duet with of my feveret song la..ghazal untuk rabiah ar of course....sempoi abis ar mamat tu..tabik2...layann~~~and the close song of course la the hot shot one..Gadis Melayu..hehe..

i myself agak happy ar minggu ni..hehe.. don't know why..maybe 30 minutes 'chat' with someone ar kot..*wink2* thanks 4 ur time ye..:)

the clock shows 5.22am..i have a futsall game on 8 am..gile tak..mengamuk la bebudak ni bila tau aku tak tido lagi..but this is what my prob is..lately its hard for me to et into sleep..why ar?really hope its not an insomnia..(btul ke nama penyakit tu..)..eventhough at the evening i have my "macam nak pengsan" training..continuing my 2 hours futsal game wif my friends..still dont feel a mood to go sleep..any one hav petua untuk senang tido?agaknye..kene letak sorang lect depan mata ni..lets him bubbling around..baru bleh lelap ar kot..:P

oklah..its subuh jela jalan tuk ngelak 'subuh gajah'..lps subuh baru tido..adeh..sampai ile la nak bajar bgn pagi ni...

"A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." (John C. Maxwell)


Blogger sabrina said...

weh,apsal x nampak ko pon time convo?dok bilik stadie ker?hahaha..btw,time jamal nyanyi lagu gadis melayu tuh,giler layannnn jamal.siap joget2 sorang2 kt atas stage tu.hihi

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