Friday, May 26, 2006

its been a week...4 downs..1 more to go..the hardest among the others..'Design of steel , timber & prestressed'.haihhh~~.
it's so excited to end my study for this sem..and after this 8 months life without assignment, lect..bla bla bla..i'm going for internship training. hopefully it will be fun. i expected that it will be hard and bored in a first or second months because i'm the only one UTPians there.but thats life..everyone must move on and face a new life rite? i can expecting anything rite now. how's my life in KL? who will be my friends there?how about my 'petang-petang' activities? will i change? will my attitude change?will my appearance change?will it be good or become worst? no one knows...
technically at present moments, i myself in a process to change. from what to what..dont ask me. just let the time decide.. can change? or can't i? y i'm doing this? i know..nobody interested to know..but hey.. its my blog.. sukati kiteeee laa..haha.. its because the time has come. or the other way to say, my job is done and i need to move on..i hope God is with me. gave me a little strength.. gave me a little candle to guide my journey.. i'm too far from the shore i think.if dulu aku boleh buat..y cant now aite?
its raining out stomach 'bergelimpangan' asking for some food. should be this evening aku kuar ipoh. planning to entertain my self.. going out alone and desire to watch "Da'Vinci Code" but den..some sort of economically probs.. and maybe because i'm so tired, terbengkalai aku atas katil. mayb next time..siann kat diri aku..tak dapat kuar tgk wayang..hehe.. next time ye panjang.. :P soo..lepak bilik je la..huhu
this past 3 health condition become flip flop..emotionally fever.. my head spinning like hell..Alhamdulillah, all that doesn't effect much when i took Coastal paper this morning. y ar? maybe tak cukup tido..and some sort of bnyk 'berpikir'..
what else to say..
oh yeah.. last 22nd was my 'anniversary'.. another surprises had have been arranged.Alhamdulillah all going as a plan, eventhough it quite not exactly as my plan..but still ok. i hope Gadis having a great time. what the surprised was? for one whole day, i culik Gadis, tight up her eyes.. and bring her to a place yg dia ngidam2 sngt nak pergi..hehe 'the lost world of Tambun'.selalu sangat dia cakap nak berenang..hehe.. its a pleasure to see she smile and laugh..:) thanks so much..sorry for the clumsy arrangement for that 'happiest' day..


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