Thursday, June 29, 2006

aku demam

ari ni aku lmbt lg smpi opis. but den, bukan aku sengaja. i'm totally not feeling well. luckily my brother woke me up. if not, memang hanyut ar smpi ke tengah hari. woke up with an heavy head, 'sroott srott' nose, arghh. thinking dat nothing to do at home, i force my self to drag my self into bathroom and get prepared to go to office.
guess what? i've received my first pay ceque.. (my second cheque in my whole life...) woohoo.. hehe.. but den tak tau when can i cash it to my account. so relief to get it at this respective time. i'm totally broken right now. dah dapat cek ni, lege la sikit. leh la belanja2 skit..

nothing much to do right now. cik azman pun tade kasi kerje2 lain lg. so dat, surfing time...hehe. when i'm refreshing my friendster list this morning, i saw someone viewing my page. haih.. i broke my promise to that person... not actually promise between us, tapi janji diri aku kat dia... tak tau la kalau dia tau ke tak wujudnye perjanjian ni.... but den,maybe things get clear to her. so dat maybe i myself over perasan.. =) i rather willing to 'wait' for a long time than being hurt time by time.haih.. if only God would let that ' someone' knows that what i feel 10 years ago, still remain deep inside me..even though my inside things telah di'butakan' just like dat.....bende dah lepas.. haihh...

laalaalaaa~~ layan jiwaaa... muahahahaha

adoilaa.. my headache really killing me. haih.. mcm nak minta off half day je rasanye..

heyy.. read thiss...(copied from --> )


Selangor Whip Melaka Telekom

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 (Bernama) -- Hosts Selangor chalked up their third win in 12 matches and in style when they whipped Melaka Telekom 5-2 in a Super League match at the Bukit Jalil Mational Stadium here Friday night.

Selangor were on the warpath from the start and almost scored four seconds into the game but Melaka Telekom goalkeeper Khairul Izwan Jamaludin stood in the way.

Khairul Izwan turned out to be a very tough nut to crack, forcing the Red Giants to wait until the 38th minute for the first goal. K. Sanbagamaran slotted home the ball which had fallen invitingly at his feet in front of Melaka's goalmouth.


by the way.. according to the plan to change my add, i've found one name.. aku tak tukar lg.. tpi bile aku nak tukar aku bgtau..
maybe next monday. just take note je la.. kalau takleh login pki add lama, korang just try add ni . k..




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