Wednesday, June 28, 2006


top-up maxis = RM10
duit minyak kete = RM20
what i've been thru last night = PRICELESS....
how would u think this world can keep spinning around? after last night, i knew the answer.

dunno la, is it i'm too stupid that can be lied just like dat or both of them were too 'genius' to arrange the 'conspiration' . lie? both of them? conspiration? what the hell i'm talking about?what exactly that happening last night? hahahaha..

dulunye aku ni bukan seorang yang percaya sgt ngan cakap2 orang tua.. as an example, “One drop of indigo is all it takes to spoil an entire urn of milk.” how would one drop of indigo would turn milk into other colour.. but den, after what i've been thru last night changed everything. "Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya ke tanah jugak akhirnye" the thing is, the way that squirrell will drop down to the ground. is it by it self crawling down the tree and lay down to the ground safely, being shoted by someone and drooped down in a pity & innocent way or while 'proudly' hopping around and then slip away and fall down shamely. if u want to be squirrel, please dont be the last type of squirrel.

for sure all of u will mumbling.. "apa la si panjang ni ngarut niii.. tupaii laa apa laa.." hahaha.. apa yg korang kene buat, amik iktibar atas apa yg aku dah citer td. think about it.

at this time, kepala aku sakit gle.. berdenyut2 sesangat. really feel like want to go home and 'bumm..' into my bed. semalam tak cukup tido. kul 4 lebih baru tido.. haih..

bnyk lagi yang aku nak tulis actually. but den my headache at this moment really2 killing me. later k. :(
oh ya, about the changed of this blog add, any idea..? really2 stuck to get an idea..arghh

i'm hurts both inside and outside....



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