Sunday, July 09, 2006

first day as a "22'ian"..

nice no aite?hei everybody, im 22 rite now. syukur to almighty, Allah swt coz still let this pity little servant breath, walk, talk..thanks to both my parents. without them, maybe i'm not this healthier, 22 years im under their guidens. love u both very much.

to all my friends, either u remember or not this 'important' date (for me la kan..) thanks to allof u. acompany me to get through this things thal called 'life'. some of u maybe lead me to glorious. and thanks those who stab my back, hurts me, pissing on me, cheating on me, used me.. without all of u, maybe i'm still one naive little kampung boy. i've learnt alot through what have all of u contribues. thanks again.

to those yang wish, tq so much. i really apriciate it.doesnt matter if its vocally wish, sms, friendster, tag..all of u had bright my day up. thank u so much

God, please lead me to the path that makes me close to U. i need Ur help.

i'm just a petite boy that want to find a 'man' in me...


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