Tuesday, December 30, 2008

money talk

just went back from having 'special-less-ingredients-home-made' spaghetti.nnti nak lagi er u :P tq.. tq.. im not a big fan of spaghetti pun actually but miraclely tonight i do eat one whole plate of it. hehehe :)
at this moment i do struggling with a few things that related with money and future. 3 big things. CAR, HOUSE, and so called DUIT-KAWIN.hahaha
the thought of money (or the lack of it) almost always depress me. My mother for one, is the champion for invoking the state of my financials. Like the black holes, its a discussion that has no ending. Most times i just choose to walk away in the midst of her trying to prove her point as i know trying to prove mine would be futile.
its a sad affair, really. which is why i try to avoid discussing it though i know the fact of matter is, it will never go away. with more money, comes more responsibility, and more importantly, bigger desiress. Nothing could be further than the truth with someone claiming that their lifestyle will remain unchanged from the moment they move from a unpaid graduate to that management executive.-rubbish!!
" you have to put a side a fixed amount of savings every months that u can never ever touch", said a friend of mine that i i know is reliable enough when it came to money matters. "fair enough" i said to myself. i thought to myself, i can do it.
"work your expenditure to the very last detail."she added. Difficult with some pesky miscellaneous cost incurred from time to time, but i suppose, achievable.
"do not even think to get a credit card until u are REALLY stable to have one" she looked at me forcing to prove her point. "gila la minah ni" I retorted silently. this is 2008 honey, a card is essential.plus my jobs, sometimes required this valuable plastic things.
" try following those simple, basic rules and you ll be fine. trust me". truth is, i was anything but. not content with just swallowing it all like a fish. i explained to her my work life, parents fee, the things that essential and a few hundred bills that i have to account for every months. " then maybe you need to rethink your lifestyle. ask yourself all the time, do i really need this?" she finally added. that needless to say shut me up good.
from time we are born, we are so accustomed to all creature comforts that we get. they say changes comes with age and although i have toned it down a notch, i must confess. i do enjoy a good meal with my friends, once a while. but after that conversation on that fateful evenings, i founds my self assessing every situation, even when I'm buying a hair gel.
" Do i really need a gatsby when i can just by bryllcream?", " Do i really need that trousers even if they are the "in-thing" now?" " do i really need to eat at 'MESRA-MALL' instead of 'nasi-ayam-putih-sebelah-post-office'?" i do admit that sudden changes does not create a warm fuzziness deep within me. i still grumble and drag my knuckles on the ground, but more than anything, I'm curious to see if this will actually help me in a long run.
"think long term" that's my mantra for the moment. can also take as a new year resolutions. every time i walk past CK boutique and see those nicely-tempting jeans, "think long term!!" Every time i hold those feather-light weight Nike boots, it hits me like a tones of bricks " think long term!!"
so like beyonce, i shall be 'fighting temptations' and begrudgingly haul myself to the bank every months to save a fixed amount of money.
in the meantime, should any of you, could give me advice or anything, which one, "new CAR or new HOUSE" and any suggestion for the new valuable house.(places and price)

p/s: past few weeks, there's one anonymous (or more than one) had struggling giving me comments that smeels like marah, dendam or bengang. i dont know. if I'm doing any wrongs to you, I'm sorry. i cant publish ur comments but anyhow , thanks for visiting. :)


Blogger diyana di said...

eh lama xbukak, now u start to write again, gud gud =)
for the fixed amount - just ask the company/bank potong gaji siap2 masuk dlm ASB

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