Sunday, November 11, 2007


counting days to end my student life. last final for my entire life ( i wish.. since takde terlintas langsung nak amik master).

19th - Building design n technology
24th - Basic Arabic language
26th - Drilling n Production tech
28th - Marine n offshore struct
4th - FYP Presentation

not so lucky wif the timetable, but, what to do?

but between that period, i need to go back to malacca on 21 n 22. my parents will do the Haji this year. sadly cant join the kenduri on 17th. hopefully there will save towards all the journey.

one more things. my boots break into 2. tu petandanye dia suruh more main2.. but den, i love the boots so much. the best boots ive ever have. remember my first boots, back in 98 (sekolah rendah dulu not counted sbb sekolah sponsored) a pair of PUMA. bought by my old man. tak silap, RM69 kot. masa tu mahal da kot. after dat, Adidas.. form 3, naik form 4, Adidas Predator first edition. 2 years using that boots..masuk U, 3 pairs of NIKE. but this nike mercury is my feveret..tought, this will be the last, tapi patah plak, adoii..

wish me luck in struggling the last moment as a student.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

all the best sweetheart... :)

3:27 PM  

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