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how to seperate people yang hangat dilamun cinta?

its hard rite? plus the things which blocks their so-called 'cinta suci' is their own PARENTS. im used to be feel like tak aci la if parents sibuk2 to stop or block the relationship but times flew by, and now i think the parents sometimes have right to stop the relationship.

theres many cases ad reason that parents dont want their children not to be with their couples. some are with stupid and narrow minded reason such as money, life style, kedudukan and bla bla bla.. i called that stupid because thats have nothing to do with happines.. takde duit? boleh kerja. takde pangkat? boleh cari. but happiness yang tak bleh dibeli.

different cases if the parents stop their lovely children to stop seing their the couples if the couples clearly not suite for their children. kaki pukul? kaki perempuan? kaki kikis? many other reason.

we ( i said 'we' coz i think the one that read this blog is sume2 yang blum kawin kan?and belong as a anak to our parents kan kan?) as a anak i think sometimes should consider what our parent's opinion. our parents da besarkan korang darila sebesar tapak tangan sampai la korang besar panjang ni, takkan la diorang nak tgk korang tak happy. parents mana yang taknak tgk anak diorang happy.

for me, parents and family still have the greatest priority in my heart. for me these people are everything. i dont want to feel the happiness at my own. if im happy, so do they. if there are not happy, vise versa. i know my parents more than any people in this earth and my parents know me better than myself. im not the typical anak soleh or anak ibu @ ayah yang ikutt je cakap diorang ( even all of us should always obey on them aite?), but this is who i am. sometimes yes i do had some ketidaksepahaman wif my old man but i know they do tegur on this and that coz of some reason.

i do lucky to have a parents that let me to decide which road that i want to follow. some parents are stricly want their children to be what they want to be. not what their children loves to be.( as in mcm education la.. ada mak ayah yang paksa anak amik medic la, acount la..) at this point i can see that my parents dont 'tegur' for no reason. make sense gak la kan. not just me, but sume my adik beradik, our life depends to ourselves.

ok, new question.

what would u do if u are the person that need to 'putuskan' others relationship?
same roots probs, PARENTS.

what would u do if u are the person that OTHERS PARENTS, ask to seperate their daughter @ son relationship. haha.. so guys? any suggestion? what should u do if u are on this situation. welcomed any prof, Dr Kurian once said that 'u can control action, but cant control reaction' i do agree wif him. u can control what u want to do, but u cant control others people tought.

haih~ enough on that...

im not a big fan of rugby, but i do loves the game. (played it once back in teknik dulu, but cant see 185cm winger can past thru easily :P ) but last night game was magnificient.

england vs australia - so so la game dia (tak tgk pun sbb masa ni masa bersukan di malam minggu :P). but my friends told me that this is not an England wons, but wilkinson wons.dah dia je yang buat drop kick tu... huhu ( to denise, etho wallabies kalah, aku nak jugak tau baju dia.. haha)

damn loves his kick

france vs all blacks - game ni aku tgk..huu~~ best2.. walaupun try tak bnyk, but i can see the passion and spirit of both teams to win. especially all blacks la kan. with records of 45 games for both teams, all blacks had won 34 of them and just once draw. on paper, all blacks la kan.. but who knows ( if soccer, we can say, bola tu bolat, apa2 leh jadi..errr kalau rugby?) all blacks kalah~~ huhu.. 11 minutes to go, france got one more try and for me, the try should not been counted cos it starting from the forward pass.but hell michalak is fast... demn!! wheres the video reff? but credit to france gak la, they defends their side like it makes of gold and they lucky All blacks twice give france turn over at 10 feets on france touch line.

we just can see this next 4 years :)

next to go

springbrooks vs fiji and argentina vs scotland


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