Sunday, September 23, 2007

9 months

assalamualaikum n hello to everyone.

this blog have been statics for about 9months. up untill this stage i dont know if there are still viewers for this little tiny nonsense crap. for those that still visiting, thanks for ur little time. i appreciate it so much. but still, here i am typing something for kill my golden-but-wasted time :)

thinking of cathing all the moments that happens 9 months backward. but dont know if i could remember the detail.

back to last year, i ve managed to finished 8 months of my interns at UEM World. quite sad but at that moment, tak sabar nak balik U. after all 8 months hidup as a working person, without assignment, stay up, group project, dateline, submition and bla bla bla.. all the student staff, tibe2 kene hidup as a student balik. damn hard to catch the feel as a student. lepas balik U tu rasa malas gle. but luckily ive managed to get 4flat for my internship. oh yeah, i think just UTP is applying pointer that will effect the CGPA on our internship. no other U take internship as part of the CGPA. so.. here i am. deans list for first time ever in my life.. yuhuu~

tapi kalau cakap kat budak utp, memang tak heran la deans list masa praktical. almost 99% kot yg dapat 4.00 flat :P. but still..

bukti dapat deanlist.. haha

i do thanks my supervisor back in UEM. mr Hatta, mr Ainul, mr Azman. they helps me alot. n of course to those wonderful officemate, kak lela, nazghun :P , shah, bahah, n wan kecik. takde diorang sure bosan gle kat office. i do miss all of them n mayb one day if i was in KL, ill be visiting them. bile korang masuk office baru nnti aku datang ar.

raya posing kat office

ive learnt alot from each person in this office, even takdela ramai sngt but i enjoy alot. mana taknye, ive been treated like permanent staff, got laptop/pc(forsurela ngan internet kan. siap dapat email uem lagi), personal desk phone, n ni yang aku rasa sume2 intern tak dapat tapi aku dapat, pajero company plus card petrol shell...haha.. heaven2. seyesly best..this is the starting moment i do realize i loooovvveee photography. mekasih la nazrun n cik wan yang bnyk tolong. so lepas je abis intern kamera pun tade.. soo tempang la.. somebody, pleaseee.. nikon D40X..haha. gle ngidam

ok enough for intern story.

back to utp. last sem (feb-jun), errmm.. sem yang paling banyak bende jadik. ada best n ada plak yang tak best. damn!!

ok.. how to start,errr.. ok citer pasal bende2 best ar.. for me the are no other things yang best kat utp ni selain dr football.. haha. yup i do love football( kalau kat aussie tu soccer la ye nadia :P). as usuall, UTP League. this edition, ive played with a new team, old team with new faces. i could say the best team ever. n bolehla kata team paling kuat (based on player yang men team ni). KORMU BORKU FC. apa kormu borku tu, panjang citenye :P but got chances playing wif 'star' utp memang la best. besides me, acap, bibiq, ali, pait, nyzaz, nazmi, hisyam and marzuki, sume 2 ni pernah men for utp in MASUM or Celcom Cup. kire line up paling kuat la konon2. sume org mcm cakap "gle kuat team ni".. tapi.. kalau dah sume2 tu kuda2 tua.. haha.. competing wif so do i can called junior2~ memang perit. yela.. stamina diorang stamina org mude, yang kitorang2 ni dah expired..haha.. sadly, kitorang tak sampi pun knock out stage. plus, my ankle crack :( doc said that i cant play for 2 months, gle apa tak bersukan 2 bulan.missed 2 important match. tu yang kalah tu. hahah..but i do have a lot of happy moment playing wif them.

kormu borku~~

study mcm biasa la.. tunggang langgang, taking 7 subject, got only one A, sadly my final year project faces massive dissaster. dahla kene masa presentation... haih.. so, kempunan la nak dapat A for fyp, 4 crdt hour k..

this is probbably my end product for fyp. but, haihhhh... tensen tul aku. at the end, with my new SV, we decided to changed the whole topic. but den ok la.. with new topic, takde lagi la stuck2 nak pikir solution baru. im happy wif that. as long i managed to get through, ok la.

sosial life? haha.. ni la part yang tak best untuk diceritakan. got some a little missunderstanding with me n one of my so-can-called baest fren la kat utp ni. ive tried everything to fixed up, but things got worst. sedey gak la. sbb we are on the final year. tak smpi 5 bulan je lagi duk sesama. but Alhamdulillah, everything goings ok rite now. no more masam2 muke n pulau memulau. even ada jugak yang stil terbawak2 smpi skarang ni, takpela.. n if i do did the wrong thing, sorry la ye.

so sem ni, aku mulakan everything from zero, my friends, my self, my study,and my relationship (haih..), yela kan da final sem da pun. tak lama lagi da nak keje. takleh lagi la nak huha2 mcm skang ni.

interview petronas aritupun tak berapa best.. so just tawakal. thats only i could do. hopefully managed to pikat org HR petronas tuk bagi aku keje.

i want to enjoy my student life as much as i could.4 subject this sem, not as heavy as before but it makes me more lazy than before. klas ada sikit plus lect yang ermmm.. 'kureng' beest method pengajaran nye, memang tak gi klas la.. haihh~

filling my free time mostly with my housemate. sports and karoke is the main agenda. tak tau la apsal diorang ni suke sangat karoke.. but sports tu memang best la. on evening play football n badminton, continued with table tennis @ volley @ futsal on the night.. damn its good. we did it every night. but skang ni takleh la.. nak terawikh lagi..

ermm there are amny thing to jog down.. but tetibe cam malas plak. :P

part2 mayb? :P

khairulizwan in friendster


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