Friday, October 05, 2007



at last, im home.. eventhough for just a couple of days but ive had a max fun. catching up wif my old-bestest-hometown friends. plus my twins pun season he will play for Malacca. yes, surely got free ticket.haha damn,we have a lot of laugh. leaving up all the serabutness of my project, assignment,all the probs are forgetten when im wif them. hanging out up untill sahur.

this is at tmn cempaka. the biggest midnight sale during hari raya. u can get everything here.

4.30am... location? hahaha

but something also happen. :( i 'accidentally' ter'accident'kan ayah's 'baby'.. im so clumsy.. haih.. rasa bersalah gle kat ayah. im so afraid to get back home after that incident happen. balik2 umah je sume tgh buke, ketar2 jugak la nak masuk umah tu. my dad is the 'garangest' dad ever. tp tu dulu la.masa sekolah rendah dulu.since da masuk sek men,ayah tak pernah marah. but still, kitorang adik beradik still rasa ayah garang. speechless masa ibu asking me why balik lmbt. "err.. kete ada eksiden skit.." but, ayah wif selamba faces continuing makan like nothing happen. but i know, he was very2 upset on what happen to his car :( im so so rasa bersalah.

my house also got complete makeover. balik2 je terkejut gak la umah da jadi pink.. haha.. and on the inside, yellow~ matching wif langsir la kunun2.. :P plus, i have a pet cat.ibu yang bela, she soo loves the cat. n the cat also so manja. even it sleeps in a master bedroom. ceish

ignoring that i got one presentation, my quick holiday was superb. except that car incident la. i guess my raya nnti i have to be boss. pekyol n brother bi', u need to pick up me at home la kalau nak jalan2.

back to utp, pre-edx presentation are wating. pre-edx is like a qualification round that every fypII student need to get through. to get places in EDX nnti la. but for my, its such a burden. and please, to all jury, dont pick me. like has said, edx is such a pain in a ass..haha. i guess her right. stayed all night long to prepared the poster.

expecting a lot of ngarut n belit question from dr saeidi.. but at last, he just concern about ,my long topic. ciss..

the presentation going fine. even last minute changed to my evaluator quite 'mengganggu konsentrasi', but everythings going well. no tough question being asked. but im surely that im not going to EDX becaus, both my evaluators doesnt like my poster. haha.. one comment, my title was soo long, need to be adjust to make it shorter. i kind of aware of that but, long topic looks cool aite?hahaha..

its just about 4 days left before once again balik kampung. for raya. damn, cant wait for dat...


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