Saturday, December 13, 2008

its me again

heyy.. time goes by so fast, i dont even realized it had been like 10 months? 11months? of 'missing in action'. there's a few times that i wanted to start throw some junks into this blogs but dunno y tak kesampaian. sometimes feel so malas, dah nak start typing, idea plak takde and sometimes rasa mcm.. "ermmmm.. ada ke org baca?" but who cares... hahahaha..

so far, i dont changed alot. still sempurna semua pancaindera, Alhamdulillah. rambut tak panjang2,( bengang gak la nak tunggu rambut ni panjang balik). janggut da beribu kali cukur, and fracture on my right foot become worst. other than that, im still in a piece.thats on my physical

working life,still in kerteh and perhaps will be stranded here for about another 5 or 6 years? or maybe selama lamanye. aku tak kisah... tapi keje da makin bnyk and makin skang ni da boleh cakap ngan bebudak sekolah, " korang enjoy la life blajar ni habis habisan.. kalau tak menyesal macam aku".

still single, as in tak kawin lagi. ibu da start tanye2, bile nak kawin. adoilaaaa.. nape dia tak tnya abg aku dulu. but i know, she doesnt mean pun to push me for dat. saje je dia geli2 nak ada cucu.insyaAllah, niat di hati tu memang ingin menikah.but with who, when and how.. still on HIS willing. im still waiting for the mysterious gift from the Almighty.hopefully and i know, surely it will be the best for me. sabarr~~
see.. ive told ya, bila da ngadap laptop ni sume idea dah hilang kemana tah.
its getting late, drive all the way from melaka to kerteh and now im alone here in my house on friday night doing nothing. thanks to PMC presentation on sunday. slide satu haram tak buat lagi. haih.


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