Tuesday, June 06, 2006

guest what, i'm updating from the office of Succes Converge Sdn Bhd..muahahaha.. yeahh.. i'm no longer a student..(but just for 8 months ar :( ...) its have been 2 days since i'm starting my internship here..i'm lucky to have a good working environment, funny officemate, 'cute' big boss and not forgotten my hardworking and most dedication 'seniorita'.. Nurhaslina... she helps me a lot.. keep my working hour full wif something to read..if shes not around, tercangak2 jugak la aku kat opis ni..actually boleh je nak update blog ni on my first day.. but den.. quite segan actually..haha
yesterday have been very exhausted.. maybe exhausted on counting time.. wif no works to do. intens to help but seriesly..tak tau nak tolong apa. mayb its to early for me. has said.. project at putrajaya is growing faster. and in 2 months time, the project will be started. maybe at dat time, there are no more leisure time.very2 loking forward to that. i hopes there are many site visit.. 'jalan2 time'..and this morning i've heard some good news.. although maybe i'm not involve , but going to China is the most adorable thing to hear..hopefully dapat la ikut..haha..
hidup UEM!! (<--sorak dgn harapan jadila projek ke china tu..muahaha)
ermm..what else to say..laterla.. takde idea skang ni.. :P


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