Tuesday, December 27, 2005

what a weekend..org sambut krismas pun tak sepenat aku ni aku rasa..kelmarin..duduk borak2 depan 7^11 alor gajah tu sampai ayam berkokok...semalam plak..sampai umah pkl 5 pagi..but trust me..all of it berbaloi..best gle hang out ngan bebudak ni..i need this..all my probs.. my tension2 things had flew away....susah nak kumpul2 ramai and hang out together mcm semalam tu..memasing ada komitmen masing2..kerja..praktikal.. komitmen ngan awek pun harus di ambil kira.. :P

congrats to os..selamat jugak ko mendirikan masjid kan.. Alhamdulillah..

bile tgk os kawin ni aku tergelak kenangkan diri aku..bnyk sgt kekurangan kat diri aku ni..baru aku sedar berapa bnyk aku dah mengabaikan idup aku selama 21 taun ni..rg lain dah berani amik tanggungjawab yg paling besar dah..aku..still lg mcm ni..tah kemana hala tuju aku..
bile aku nak belajar untuk hidup sebgi seorang dewasa ni?...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

baru balik~~ yeahh i know..its 5 in the morning..
hanging around wif dino,emer,pusar,pekyol,aziz n casper (all the way from KL)..gelak macam nakrak depan 7E alor gajah tu..memang best ar..lama btul tak gelak2 mcm tu..ni pun dah dipaksa balik..kalau tak lepak lg ni..
and today also.. majlis umah OS... kawin dah member aku sorang tu..12.30pm.. leh ke aku bgn ni..huhu.. gtg.. letey gelak arr~~

Saturday, December 24, 2005

this thing i've copied from denise..*bosan sesangat dah ni....*

1. What is the best nickname that u ever had? PanjanG of course....

2. Do you think suicide is the best way? Big Loser... ceh!

3. Rate your social life from scale 1 to10. 5

4. Are you in love with someone at the moment? IThink So..*wink*

5. Are you missing someone at the moment?ehermm..maybe..

6. Would you die for the one you love? Love?in term of family ok la kot..other than that..nahh

7. Do you think love hurts? Should be that way la right?!

8. Whats the best thing about love?arrr..dunno

9. Whats the worst thing about love?still dunno

10. Will you wait for someone you love? of course..

11. What song that best describes your lovelife at the moment?How abaout "she's like heroin- System Of A down"huhu...
12. Do you wanna get married?Antara 3 perkara yg dituntut supaya di percepatkan dlm ugama..:P

14. Have you talked to the person youlove in the last 24 hours? nope..dunno no when laa

15. Do you keep memories ortry to forget them?'forgive n forget' tiru denise..

16. Does love always on your side or theopposite way?ermmm.. neither one

17.Do you have a gay/lesbian/bisexual partner?no..

18. Are you sick of love? no comment

19. Are you sick of questions on love? sort of

20. What are you going to do today/tomorow? eat,sleep erm what else?

21. What do u want so bad right now? kicking n running... demn miss to play football

22. Do you think money is everything?lebih kurang camtu la

23. What song are you listening to right now?Revenga by System Of A down..
24. Whats the song that u last download?Ealya Dcc to me kelly clarkson..

25. How much do you love music?very addicted
26. Do you play an instrument?kompang.. count or not

27. Have you writen your own song?nope.. tak berbakat la..

28. What movie did you last watch?band Of The Brothers..2 thumbs Up

29. Do you believe in forever?yes.....- syurga n neraka of course

30. Whats the last word you want to say to yourloved ones? arr still waitingg~~

tiru denise lgi..mcm best plak buat bende ni...

[Marital Status]--- wait untill i'm 27 can or or not?.
[Siblings]--- 5
[Pets]--- chicken is a pet or not?..

[Color]--- black + white + red.
[Number]---2 accidenttally sama plak ngan denise.. :P
[Animal]--- cats.
[Drinks]--- neslo RK + air kosong
[Book]--- news paper will be fine..
[Flower]--- not really..
[Color your hair?]--- naturally black
[Twirl your hair?]-- no...
[Have tattoos?]--- takmo2..
Have Piercings?]---who would be my doughter's Wali if i do so..
[Cheat on tests/homework?]-- dah jadi tabiat..huhu :P
[Drink/Smoke?]---nope.<-- hard to believe eerh..
[Like roller coasters?]--- wooo best2.
[Wish you could live somewhere else?]-- dunwant..
[Want more piercings?]--- aku mahu menjadi Wali kepada anak ku nantii~~
[Like cleaning?]---depends.
[Write in cursive or print?]--- print
[Own a web cam?]---nope.
[Know how to drive?]-- experties..huhu.. learn from me la denise..
[Own a cell phone?]--- yup[Ever get off the damn computer?]---hard to..

[Been in a fistt fight?]-- Once i Think..nahh funny think to remember..huhu
[Considered a life of crime?]-- no
[Considered being a hooker?]--- no
[Tried to be someone?]--- someone like what...?
[Been in love?]-- arrr..no comment
[Made out with JUST a friend?]--nak kene sula ke apa ni..
[Used someone]---??
[Been used?]--- i guess so..demn..
[Been cheated on?]--- yeeah!!!!
[Stolen anything?]--- Alhamdulillah mampu buy it 4 my self...
[Held a gun]--- CS..huhu..

[Current clothing]---track and t-shirt
[Current mood]--- happy n lonely..how's that?
[Current taste]---french fries n mayonis..diet tuu~~ :P
[What you currently smell like]--- dying to have Tommy..(berebut ngan acap...hhuhu)
[Current hair]--- ibu cant stop mumbling to ask me to cut it..nooo~~.
[Current thing I ought to be doing]---waiting to mengantuk
[Current cd in stereo]--- Kelly Clarkson
[Last book you read]---stop reading 4 a month...
[Last movie you saw]--- Band Of The Brothers
[Last thing you ate]-- french Fries
[Last person you talked to on the phone]- Alin..
[Do drugs?]-- hahah.never!BELIA BENCI DADAH!!
[Believe there is life on other planets?-- wallahualam
[Remember your first love?]--- takkan lupe nye
[Read the newspaper?]---yup..
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?]--- nope..;p
[Believe in miracles?]--- i believe in God
[Do well in school?]--huhu not really ar..!
[Wear hats]---had quit 4 a long time..!
[Hate yourself?]--- no la
[Have an obsession?]---everything that i want to..(apalah yg aku jawab ni)
[Collect anything?]---NIKE..NIKE n NIKE..hope have a boutique :P
[Have best friends?]---yerp
[Close friends?]-- of course do
[Like your handwriting?]---sometimes...
[Care about looks]---depends

[First crush]--- haha.. of course u remember!.
[First kiss]--- waaa....
[Do you believe in love at first sight?]--- yup..my ustad pun percaya pe..
[Do you believe in "the one?"]---100%. if dats wat ppl call jodoh
[Are you a tease?]-- 4 what?
[Too shy to make the first move?] --- sapelah yg cipta "perigi Cari Timba" tu....

[Daydreamer]--- used to..mostly time cuti ni..
[Bitch/Asshole]--- neither
[Shy]--- ikut mood [Talkative]-- to a chosen people..

::another one::

1.how old will you be by dec 31st 2005?
21 ++
2.what are you studying now?
its holiday
3.how often do you change your friendsterprofile?
jarang..malas ar..
4.the first thing you do with your birthdaymoney?
time besday org dpt duit er?..tak tau plak..
5.favourite website?
6.favourite sport to watch?
7.favourite tv channel?
any channel dat i feel like watching
8.would you go on a trip alone?
best gak tu
9.when your parents go away for theweekend, what do you do?
makan luar ar..
10.your idea of a great date?
kedai mamak pun ok kan...
11. your idea of a great vacation?
vacation to europe with fully supported..hehe
12.ever gone camping?
13.favourite movies of all time?
lots of themm..i'm a movie freaking..
14.last book you read?
told ya already..
15.last sms sent
16.any upcoming things to look forwardto?
My game in Uni league
17.proud to be the nationality you are?
Malaysia boleh!!
180 cm
19.are you a morning person?
surely nope..
20.what's your fave decorative item in yrroom?
My bed...huhu
21.do you like your current hairstyle?
erm okla..
22.what about the color?
nak kaler apa lg..itam la best..
23.last time you had a good laugh?
ngan dino..2 minggu lepas..(uish..lama jugak aku tak gelak ni..)
24.current mood?
25.what song are you currently listening to?
More Than words(New version) who who sing this song ar?..
26.what are you doing at this moment?
this survey..buhsann~~
27.what are your plans for the day?
kuar bgan pekyol kot..
28.what are you wearing today?
track n tshirt

yeaa abiss..penat baca?huhu~~ padan muke korang...buring2~~

Thursday, December 22, 2005

huhu~~ 1st tim in a month.. kat umah takleh ol ar...tah apa setting pc aku yg tak kene tu..nothing much to say.. ni pun ada kat cc ayoi.. malas nak ol lelama.. kalau setting pc kat umah tu dah ok aku ol balik ar.