Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ive learnt

ive learnt how to hate you
everything you say and everything you do
all your lies and all your empty promises
your stupidity and your ego
your ever-changing mind and your selfishness
the way you said 'ive learnt' but in fact you learnt nothing

ive learnt how to hate you
the way you never say thank you whenever i did something nice
the way you only say i love you when there is something in it for you
the way you were never grateful of having me by your side
the way you seek me when you're low, but leave me when you're high

ive learnt how to hate you
despite all of my hopes, my dreams
despite of your unreachable dramas
despite the fact that we were once happy and blessed with the presence of each other
despite the fact that part of you will always be buried in me
despite in realisation, ive lost my true love

ive learnt how to love you
but that was before
it is easier to love than to hate
ive learnt, that everything comes to an end
fruits rot, trees grow old, leaves turns yellow
and so do us
we've come to our end, our finish, our closing stages

ive learnt how to hate you
but i dont want to be forever hating you
i grief my lost, and i move on
but the memory of you stays
and i wont try to erase them
ill be praying for the happiness of both of u

i promise

credit to Ms Macy.. :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

to love is to let go

what is love? one might ask. love is abstract, and how you elucidate it, wholly depends on the individual themselves. the topic of love never bores the human mind. its interpretation is ever changing, ever evolving and yet, is still dumbfounding.

the meaning of love might differ from each person with different religions, ethnicity, age, gender, and backgrounds. to a couple growing old, love might represent the years they have been together, and how they would maybe one day die in the hands of each other. to teenage lovers, love might signify their promises and hopes, which to their adolescent minds, everything is possible. and to a married couple, love could mean, as cliche as it is, staying together for the kids.

all these are the more specified definition of love. how about its general interpretation? does love mean caring about each other. does love show by showering one with gifts? is love felt when your heart races each time you are near that one person, and your eyes automatically searches for that person everytime you enter a room? does it mean that you love someone when you cant stop thinking about that person, and you want to be with him/her at all times?

and yet again, can it be called love when there is only one person involved in something that is supposed to be a two way road? and in this said 'road', will there be any signboards to help us through, or even billboards to advertise a way out when we've had had enough? will there be speedtraps and bumps, that would slow us down when we're going too fast, and traffic lights that would tell us when to stop when the time is right? or are we all alone in this road, with no guidance what so ever, and the only voice we could hear comes from our heart?

yes, i do ask a lot of questions. but its all for a good cause. there is this saying, "to love is to let go". loving someone means letting them go, giving that person freedom to do whatever he/she wants. tell me, how many people actually believe in that? in letting go i mean. letting go is hard, and i am saying this from personal experience. i am pretty sure you have experiences similar like mine. so what is the deal with this 'let go' thingy? that is one question that remains to stagger the human mind. my mind, to be exact.

oh well, i leave you guys to answer my questions. you might not agree with me, but again, theres another saying that goes "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". so there :)

one more thing, can you put a valid period on love? ofcourse you cant right? be wise guys