Friday, October 28, 2005 last, here comes the friday.. what a exhausted week.. 4 test in a week..adoilaa.. want to go back home d want to 'qada' all my sleeping time in here..

this portfolio ar..aiyaa..really make me sick ar.. 30 pages of essay and article really make my week empty without nice2 sleep.. arghh..i almost forget, tonight i got another test.. =( really dont have a mood to read that long2 note..bukannye masuk pun kalu baca time2 ni..hehe. the happiest part is, after the test.. balik kampung~~ooo balik kampung~~...

arr.. i think this is my last blogging before raya (really hope there is still inernet connection at my home).. soo..i want to take this opportunity to wish selamat hari raya.. maaf ye kalau ada tersalah silap, halalkan makan minum..

to denise, jgn sedey2 ye beraya kat tmpt pe raya kat aus tu..teringin gak aku nak beraya kat oversea ni..hehe..

okla.. ni nak memaksa diri baca notes gak ni..waaa~~

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

special wish to Nurul Nadia bt Ibrahim widely known as denise on her 21st birthday.. moge panjang umur & murah rezeki... :P

Birthday girl..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

'pertandingan meneka bola??'hadiah menarik menanti anda~~

kunun2 men kat arsenal ar ni~

ni sume pic masa men futsal di tengah2 bulan ramadhan~~bahananye, kaki terseliuh..adoilaaa

at last.. dapat gak paste pic.. ni pic masa dinner civl depart minggu lepas...

to all the comitte.sorry for being worst Project Man..hope can conduct next event better than this~..

dlm proses menjahanamkan percussion bebudak nasyid~ =P

makhluk2 ganas merangkap bebudak umah aku~..just me with baju melayu..poyo erk..hehe kene sambut tetamu~~ tu kene formal skit.

manage to gather all civil's boys (yg guls nye tak tau kemana~ 3 orang je pun~hehe..) from my batch..

kaki sakit...
org bulan pose ngaji~~ ni gi men futsal..
padan la muke~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

final exam timetable dah kuar...adoilaa...sungguh kijam exam unit ini kepada diriku huu~~....

HSE--->16 nov
Drama plak -->19.

yg tige subjek ni takpe lg.. sebab takdela susah sgt.. and the best part is here..

Reinforced Concrete--->23

adoila..terkehel pale otak baru sikit ni..ada lagi...

transportation eng--->28
foundation & earth struc---> 29..

kalau aku dimasukkan ke tanjung rambutan ke selepas exam ni...datangla melawat aku ye...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

going ipoh wif acap,deli,libe and pert.searching for acap's guitar set..manage to learn a lot about last, rm 2400 ibanez guitar wif ibanez amp and (dunno the brand of it) a set of effect is in acap's locker right yg terasa nak blaja men guitar ni..haha..lps beli trus pegi bawak guitar tu gi jamming..
in our way back to utp (after having a 'transporter2' wif them) 4 of us(pert going wif another car) have a 'unlimited' thinking conversation..seems like mengarut..but apa yg kitorang bincangkan tu btul2 mencabar minda..haha.. macam..kenapa manusia ada perasaan.. who is create the way of our ife today..and and many2 more question that we ourself dunno how to understand it..soklan2 yg bila kite dengar, kita akan cakap "a'a ek..betul jugak tu.."haha..best2..
letih jugak le rasa badan ni..oh yeah..yesterday is my civil engr department dinner..a simple farewell party for finalyear student and buke pose.. not ot grand but still syok la for a project manager kan..sape la tak syok majlis berjalan lancar.. about to get a ber male dreesses that night..but lose to abg johan (my lab technician) wif 1 undi..which all of my undi is written by myself..(saje je memain..tade niat pun nak menang..=p)haha..and for my first time in my whole life..i've won the lucky draw..yeaa.. no keramatnye ialah '111'..nice no right?..but of course la..'project manager' takkan pegang satu no je kan..i have 5 others no wif me..but seriesly la..111 tu memang no asal aku..memang aku simpan no tu dari awal. 4 no lain tu tiket lebih yg sadisnye..balik2 je umah..abis dah hamper2 tu bebudak umah aku ni kes jeles aku pegang bnyk tiket ar ni.
nak post pic2 mlm tu..tapi stenderd la network utp ni..sumenye takleh...nanti le..bebile boleh nanti..aku post la ye..
ermm..need to take a rest la.. adios...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Scars of Love
Some years ago on a hot summer day in south Florida a little boy decided to go for a swim in the old swimming hole behind his house. In a hurry to dive into the cool water, he ran out the back door, leaving behind shoes, socks, and shirt as he went. He flew into the water, not realizing that as he swam toward the middle of the lake, an alligator was swimming toward the shore.His mother, in the house, was looking out the window and saw the two as they got closer and closer together. In utter fear, she ran toward the water, yelling to her son as loudly as she could. Hearing her voice, the little boy became alarmed and made a U-turn to swim to his mother.It was too late. Just as he reached her, the alligator reached him. From the dock, the mother grabbed her little boy by the arms just as the alligator snatched his legs. That began an incredible tug-of-war between the two.The alligator was much stronger than the mother, but the mother was much too passionate not to let go his son.A farmer happened to drive by, heard her screams, raced from his truck, took aim and shot the alligator.Remarkably, after weeks and weeks in the hospital, the little boy survived. His legs were extremely scarred by the vicious attack of the animal. And, on his arms, were deep scratches where his mother's fingernails dug into his flesh in her effort to hang on to the son she loved.The newspaper reporter who interviewed the boy after the trauma, asked if he would show him his scars. The boy lifted his pant legs; and then, with obvious pride, he said to the reporter, "But look at my arms. I have great scars on my arms, too. I have them because my mom didn’t let me go."
We are like that little boy. We have scars, too, some are deep and some are mild. No, not from an alligator, or anything quite so dramatic. But, the scars of a painful past. Some of those scars are unsightly and have caused us deep regret. But, some wounds, my friends, are because God has refused to let go(towards destruction). In the midst of your struggle, He's been there holding on to us.The Holy Qu'ran and other Holy Scriptures teach that Allah (s.w.t) loves you. If you have GOD in your life, you should know He is your PROTECTOR. He wants to protect you and provide for you in every way. But sometimes we foolishly wade into dangerous situations. The swimming hole of life is filled with peril and its temptations distance us from our Lord- and we forget that the enemy is waiting to attack. That's when the tug-of-war begins - and if you have the scars of His love on your arms, be very, very grateful. He did not - and will not - let you go. Because He is more closer to you than your jugular veins are to you.
just a little good story to fill up our time...donno why..i've found it very interesting.. do u?

this is UTP's team before 'dilaukkan' oleh UTM..hehe..actually this is not the strongest line up that we can give (ayat nak sedapkan ati..=P)..ramai star2 utp lain yg tak mo main..hopefully next sem nye game u all join ar balik..
(kalu tgk betul2..macam gambar budak2 sekolah je..haha) is the first day puasa..takde la rasa penat lg..(baru pkl 11 je pun..=P).. to all peeps out there..happy fasting ye... to go..daa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

You could be my unintendedChoice to live my life extendedYou could be the one I'll always loveYou could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitionsYou could be the one I'll always love
I'll be there as soon as I canBut I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before
First there was the one who challengedAll my dreams and all my balanceShe could never be as good as you
You could be my unintendedChoice to live my life extendedYou should be the one I'll always love
I'll be there as soon as I canBut I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before
I'll be there as soon as I canBut I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before
Before you

unintended by muse
one of my 'akak sopan's feveret..heheh..