Saturday, August 27, 2005

just want to take this oppotunity to sedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk arwah abang Pert (doesnt have chance to ask about his name) yang meninggal subuh kelmarin..moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..Amin.
2.45am.. what actually people do at this time?why can't i be like the other majority people that had 'gone with their dreams'..baru je balik from 'meronggeng2' with acap,libe, deli & mat jat..doesnt hav actual plan actually to hangup with them..hujan petang tadi la pun postponed..dah tak tau nak buat apa,acap pun canang satu umah..sape nak ikut dia kuar..bile acap dah ajak..i as a loyal and "caring" rumate..of course la got to join..hehe..quite a long time la tak window thing i hate about window many thing that attract me..waa..tensen2.nape la scholar lambat sangat masuk..levis, nike ..waa takleh la tgk bende2 tu.. geram2. tapi biasalah..tgk jelah yang boleh..
after 2 hours at ipoh parade, sangkut pulak dekat 'gerbang malam'.got myself one t-shirt here..:P.a place that memang wajib kitorang singgah kalau pegi ipoh.i suggest whoever pergi ipoh, should singgah gak tempat ni.macam2 ada...take a quick walk and straight to kinta city.tengok wayang..yeaa..tak bnyk citer best..tapi alang2 dah sampai situ..tgk jela.."Red Eye". all of us thought it was a horror muvi.sume salah.citer psycho rupenye..tak sesaiko mana pun actually..bleh la..

lps tgk muvi, lepak kat Mapley..something happen they..adeh..make me feel tak sedap ati la..ermm just let it go la..

sedar tak sedar..lagi 2 minggu dah nak midsem means. 1st test is coming up..adoila..feel like i've know nothing..bnyak subjek yang lost sem ni..reinforced lagi..waa..comeon2..yakin boleh..haha.. boleh blah..

yeaa..subuh already, tp ada lab pkl 8. :( lab transport plak tu..mari kite mengire kereta..haha..jgn pengsan tgh2 jalan raya tu sudah le..

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If I die tonight
What would I do
On my last day
I know I'd wake early
In the morn' for crack
Of dawn's last pray
Get on the phone
And holla' at everybody
Gots to have lunch
With the family
Then spend the last day
I don't know
Try do a million other things
Hoping somehow
Time will slow
I guess what
I'm trying to say is
Take everyday
Like it was your last
Work towards your dreams
Before you pass
And have a blast
While you at it
'Cause we don't know
When we go go
So make the best of it
Just keep it real to yourself
And to all people
If y'all lost somebody before
Remember there'll be a sequel

If I die tonight
You know it'll be alright
Just smile for me
Reminisce the fond memories
Well if I die tonight
I wonder
Where I'll be tomorrow
Nobody cry please
Push away the sorrow
'Cause I ain't been
The best of men
The best of friends

sorry 4 all my fault..

Monday, August 22, 2005 i'm totally flat..going to class with blurry face..but mandi er..dunno la what i've studied today..nothing stick to my head..just going to the class untuk sedapkan hati jek..:P
ni sume pasal futsal semalam ar ni..but i've a good game yesterday..just the only one UTPians group that qualified for quarter final..hehe..kire terer gak le ek..:P..kalah pun sebab refree..arr tension2..playing non stop from 9.30 to 11.00 and continued on 2.30 pm.. abis terbakar aku kat tgh padang tu..itamm kulit..:P

at nights,once again..layan convofair..being forced actually. with no network,no new game in my pc..gagahkan jugakle kaki ni pergi convofair tu..Yassin & brothers are there also..quite good performance..but sadly..hujan plak..waiting no more..trus lari balik bilik and 'boom'..tarik selimut trus.sejarah tu..tido pkl 11.30 records for this semester..with un settled assingment,baju dlm mesin basuh..dah tak kire dah sume tu..

and the results is.totally exhausted..ine of my friends pernah ckp.."ko ni panjang,high endurance tul..tak penat ke?" and today i know what the meaning of penat is..hehe..end tonight..once again i'll try to sleep early..will the records be broken againt?hehe..

"Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world."(Einstein)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

its been a while that my village is totally lost with outsiders.. network 'weng'..mirc pun "No Route to Houst" aje manjang..lucky la ada convo fair..lucky ke?..convo fair pun bored semacam je..i berani bett la..if u all go to the 'tapak' convo for only 5 minutes..u guys will say these phrases "nak gi mana lagi ni?"..."loh..takkan nak pusing sekali lagi..?"nothing much to see la actually..but i still give credits to all the "semangat" the organizer..kire ok la convo fair kali ni.

baru je mlm tadi jamal abdillah buat show..-one of my what sore dia..- agak bored gak le pada mulenye..coz he sing the song that all of us tak penah dgr..promote album baru kot ..but the end 2 songs was so happening..there is one mamat goes up to the stage and duet with of my feveret song la..ghazal untuk rabiah ar of course....sempoi abis ar mamat tu..tabik2...layann~~~and the close song of course la the hot shot one..Gadis Melayu..hehe..

i myself agak happy ar minggu ni..hehe.. don't know why..maybe 30 minutes 'chat' with someone ar kot..*wink2* thanks 4 ur time ye..:)

the clock shows 5.22am..i have a futsall game on 8 am..gile tak..mengamuk la bebudak ni bila tau aku tak tido lagi..but this is what my prob is..lately its hard for me to et into sleep..why ar?really hope its not an insomnia..(btul ke nama penyakit tu..)..eventhough at the evening i have my "macam nak pengsan" training..continuing my 2 hours futsal game wif my friends..still dont feel a mood to go sleep..any one hav petua untuk senang tido?agaknye..kene letak sorang lect depan mata ni..lets him bubbling around..baru bleh lelap ar kot..:P

oklah..its subuh jela jalan tuk ngelak 'subuh gajah'..lps subuh baru tido..adeh..sampai ile la nak bajar bgn pagi ni...

"A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." (John C. Maxwell)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

adeh,letih2.. tak tau la apsal..kebelakangan ni cepat letey..lama dah tak tulis kat blog ni..busy ar. pun baru balik dari meeting OB..tah apa projek le yang kene buat lg nanti.
ujung minggu aritu aku aku pergi the lost world of woo..u guys should go there..dah le masa aku pergi ari tu..orang takde..pergi pun dah petang erk..tapi best ar..macam kitorang punye je tmpt tu..terasa mcm vip plak..masa balik tu plak eksiden.. satu lagi bala..:P jat yg bawak kete tu.dgr2 kene rm500 lbh nak perbaik kete tu..kongsi le reramai..aku nak paste pic kitorang kat tambun apsal tah ..tak bleh plak..takde plak icon nak paste pic tu..kalau kat umah..ada aje..kat sini tak bleh plak..nanti2 la kalau bleh.aku paste ar
apa lagi..minggu ni U aku ada convo fair..artis yg datang..jamal abdillah,yassin and the brothers..layan aje...same aje bagi congrats ar pade yang nak naik pentas tu..lambatnye aku nak naik pentas..:P
okla..nak turun padang ar plak..

"When you become obsessed with the enemy you become the enemy"

Friday, August 12, 2005

standing alone and keep smiling for others people happines...

walking alone to find my own happiness...

please god..lead me to somewhere...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

suddenly feel sad for myself...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

arghhh..aku demam lagi..biasanye it just take 1-2 days only..
tapi kali ni smpai skang ni demam lagi ni..adehh..denyut kepala aku ni..nak kate main hujan takde pun..the change of weather la aku rasa..kat sini panas gle..klas plak bnyk tgh hari..

besides that..there are something make me very happy..hehe..lala~~~

kebelakangan ni internet kerap sangat down..netsplit plak selau je..tensen plak aku..nak masuk elearning takbleh..nak buat add drop tak bleh..aii..

nothing much happen into mylife lately..mcm beser je..bgn, pergi klas balik klas, pergi pdg, blk ngadap pc, pastu tido..camtu jelah it's turning around..soo bored..assignment plak tak bnyk lagi..-sigh-..-tu pun nak ngeluh..-

"Everything I've ever done my entire life has prepared me for what I'm just about to do."